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Like the name says, antisperm antibodies fight sperm. It happens when the immune system mistakenly targets sperm in a man’s semen as an invader and damages or kills it. Antisperm antibodies aren.

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Antisperm Antibodies or immunity to sperm, whether in the male or female, is not an absolute cause of infertility. Sperm antibodies reduce fertility, but do not invariably prevent conception.

Antisperm antibodies in men happen when the body’s immune system begins attacking sperm cells. Within the male reproductive system, the sperm cells should be . Antibodies are large proteins which attach to sperm, and can interfere with motility or cover the head of the sperm, so as to interfere with the acrosome reaction. Learn more on Infertility Answers from reading Dr. Barry Jacobs article on Sperm Antibodies.
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Management of Anti-Sperm Antibodies If direct (immunobead) testing shows that ASAs are impacting more than 20 percent of sperm and there is a significant decrease in sperm motility, then there are several potential treatment options.

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Sperm Antibodies in the mucus. If the woman’s mucus contains sperm antibodies, more than just a detox is required. Studies have shown that women can develop antisperm antibodies if sperm has come into contact with the mucosal or systemic immune system. This can happen if there are minor wounds in the vagina, rectum or the oral cavity. Antisperm antibodies (ASA) are immunoglobulins of IgG, IgA, and/or IgM, which are directed against sperm antigens. ASA can be detected in ejaculate, cervical mucus, follicular fluid, and blood serum. ASA can be detected in ejaculate, cervical mucus, follicular fluid, and blood serum.

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Sperm that does manage to make it to the egg can have a difficult time properly binding and fertilizing the egg due to antibodies attached to its head. Reasons for Antisperm Antibodies There are numerous reasons why the natural barrier between sperm and the immune system can be broken causing antisperm antibodies to form. Apr 05, · ASAs directed against sperm tail may be responsible for the decrease in sperm motility, but antibodies directed against sperm head will affect sperm penetration of cervical mucus and the sperm-egg interaction. Antibody coated sperms may be more vulnerable to phagocytosis in the female reproductive tract. In our study, we found higher.

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Anti-Sperm Antibodies. As of yet, the effect that anti-sperm antibodies have on female fertility is little understood. In fact, both men and women can be affected by the presence of anti-sperm antibodies in . Normally sperm develop in the seminiferous tubules of the testes separated from circulating blood by the blood-testes barrier. Any situation that disrupts this barrier can expose sperm to detection by immune response cells in the blood and subsequent antibody formation against the sperm.
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